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About the company

We endeavor to be among the best suppliers of professional chemistry. This desire has made Speсsintez one of the leading manufacturers of professional detergents and disinfectants in Russia. Our goal is to meet modern enterprises’ needs by using innovations, and improving the quality of products and service.

Acting quickly and flexibly, anticipating the needs of our customers, we do our best to satisfy their queries and find solutions to unusual problems.

Activity areas

The company specializes on scientific and technical research and development, production and implementation of professional detergents and disinfectants and their combinations in the following areas:


  • medicine
  • veterinary
  • food industry
  • mechanical engineering, transport vehicles
  • professional cleaning


The company has its own manufactural base, specialized warehouses in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Rostov, Kursk, a wide dealer network in Russia.


 All employees are single team, in which competence, responsibility, reliability are highly appreciated.

Research and development

Due to intensive research a wide range of professional disinfectants and detergents was created. Constant improving and further development of the range is ongoing. All chemical products are developed in own laboratory of the company, staying focused on the actual demands and wishes of customers.

The production of detergents and disinfectants

Our company has well-equipped manufactural base. A lot of attention is paid to the water treatment system. This process is divided into several stages and includes mechanical, ion-exchange, and antimicrobial treatment by ozone method at the final stage. Capacitive equipment used is made founding on our technical specification, with thermostatic (heating and cooling) casing, equipped with a mixing device. The process of filling and capping is carried out using four-thread liquid filling machine with capacity 2000 l/h with a special foam extinguishing nozzles (made in Italy).

Safety and Labor protection

Pneumatic elements and pneumatic actuators of the company "Apollo", Germany, are used in order to ensure safety in all processes of filling, capping, and pumping. Multipoint system of supply and exhaust ventilation ensures air quality in the working area. The heating system includes, in addition to the standard devices, zoned infrared heating.

The quality management system

Our suppliers are leading domestic and international producers of chemical raw materials: BASF, DOW Chemical, Akzo Nobel, Huntsman, Thor, Kirishinefteorgsintez, Nizhnekamskneftekhim and many others. All raw components go into production after positive conclusion of the laboratory quality control. Technological support group provides oversight of adherence to the production cycle and conducts 100% inspection of the finished products. Purchase of detergents and disinfectants by the gross from manufacturer is a reliable, convenient and effective solution. Production and laboratory base of the company allows to develop and produce the range of industrial chemicals in the amount of 3000 tons per year.